Thursday June 2 at 7pm at the Fernie Heritage Library

Join Shelby as she reads from her new book Mountain Girl.

About Mountain Girl ~ Krissy Mathews has returned. Four years ago, the seventeen-year-old vanished. The young detective assigned to her case has hunted her relentlessly. Now she bursts through the door of the hospital, a lifeless child in her arms and a man she calls her husband by her side. The police pry Jasper Ryan from Krissy?s grasp and charge him with her kidnapping.

Diagnosed with Stockholm syndrome, she is forced to question what she thought was true love, borne of the twisted abuse she suffered while isolated in a mountain cabin. Her son survives, and Jasper is convicted of her kidnapping, but Krissy is torn between the father of her child and the detective who will stop at nothing to lock him up.