Join us here at Polar Peek Books on Thursday May 2, 2019 at 7pm for an evening of conversation and reading. Author Becky Livingston will be here discussing and reading from her book The Suitcase and The Jar with Angie Abdou. Books will be available for purchase. Free and open to the public!

Here are some reviews on the books so far:

Complex and fascinating … moving, harrowing and redemptive, it’s a journey that’s well-worth taking.
—Brett Grubisic, The Vancouver Sun

Honest, heartbreaking and brave. Becky Livingston’s The Suitcase and the Jar is both poignant and profound. I would recommend this for anyone who has lost someone or knows someone who has. It’s a guide to grief—to take the time you need and be brave enough to stray from convention. It made me cry, it made me think, it made my heart ache.
—Shannon Leone Fowler, author of Traveling With Ghosts

Becky Livingston’s travelogue of grief is tender, searing and seeded with hard-won bits of wisdom. Joy is possible in the world of grief, she tells us. Claim it. This is a book not only about surviving profound loss, but about relearning how to embrace life fully.
—Nancy Horan, author of Under the Wide and Starry Sky  

What an honour to be invited to travel alongside Becky Livingston as she deftly navigates the daunting terrain of grief and loss. Carrying our stories can feel like painfully heavy baggage. Becky’s journey is literally one of lessening her load, while the uncharted territory she explores begins to heal her heart. A writing style that is rich, warm and honest left me not wanting her travels to end. The Suitcase & the Jar helps us understand that when we fully experience the loss of someone we love deeply, we discover a part of ourselves.
—Katy Hutchinson, author of Walking After Midnight.

The Suitcase & The Jar is not simply another book about loss. It is an invitation; an illumination into the complexities of love. A fine intelligence moves through these pages. There is no false sentiment here. Livingston articulates grief with a writer’s keen eye. She shows us not a way through loss, but a way in. What more can one ask of a book about grief?
—Eve Joseph, author of In the Slender Margin.

We gravitate to memoir for inspiration. In The Suitcase and the Jar, readers will find a quiet and comforting whisper, one that reminds us that, “If I could do this, I could do anything” (p. 9). It is a devastating, poetic, and ultimately beautiful meditation on living after loss.
—Carys Cragg, The Ormsby Review