All True Not a Lie in It. By Alix Hawley

Told in his inimitable, haunting voice, All True Not a Lie in It hinges on Daniel Boone’s captivity by the Shawnee during the Revolutionary War, after the kidnapping and rescue of one child and the murder of another.

Alix Hawley fleshes out this one-dimensional folk hero so that we penetrate deep within his psyche: the charismatic frontiersman; the husband who struggled to mollify his wife, whom he frequently abandoned with their children while he wandered eighteenth-century America, or dragged with him while cutting a trail through the wilderness that hundreds of thousands would eventually follow; and the loving father whose actions led directly to the torture and murder of his son.

All True Not a Lie in It is a brilliant first novel, replete with storytelling that is taut and expert, descriptions that are rich and intense, and prose that is full of feeling, especially about Daniel’s love and longing. Alix Hawley has masterfully imagined the experience of settling America through the eyes and the heart of one of its most famous settlers.

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