Canada Reads 2014 is looking for the one novel that could change the nation. On October 2, thry put the call to Canadians to recommend up to 5 novels they believe have the power to do this.

To be eligible, books must be novels written by a Canadian author, be readily available, available in English, currently in print and published by a traditional publisher.

The most popular books became the Canada Reads Top 40 list.

The Canada Reads 2014 Top 40 was revealed on Q by host Jian Ghomeshi on Thursday, October 24

Canadians were then asked to vote to help narrow this list down to a Top 10.

The Canada Reads 2014 Top 10 was revealed on Tuesday, November 12.

The Top 10 was given to the 2014 panelists. They will choose the book they will champion during the debates in March from this list.

The debates will air on CBC Radio, CBC-TV and online at CBC Books March 3-6, 2014.